Special Thank you

Well even though the film has wonderfully found its rightful place in the hearts and minds of the many  who've seen it -THAT'S YOU THE AUDIENCE - it is nice to have a shiny physical manifestation of that,  in the form of these awards.


So here's our special THANK YOU speech just for you:
Bob, Sophie & Helen would like to thank you all for supporting the film and contributing to the wonderful word of mouth that has been the backbone to the widespread success of the film.
We'd also like to especially acknowledge again, Mrs Carey and the staff and students of MLC School for taking us in so openly and giving us the scope to make such a candid portrait of what they do.

Same goes for our investors, Amanda Duthie from the ABC, Agent Overton from Screen Australia, Nerida Moore from Screen NSW and Katrina Sedgwick at the Adelaide Film Festival. Thanks for the time, trust and unerring support.

The film was also blessed with fantastic technical support, distribution advice and creative contributions from a number of exceptional folk.

  • All our Addtional Cinemstographers & Sound Recordists, especially John Brawley & Bonnie Elliott.

  • Ray Thomas & Nick Meyers for their contribution to the Edit.

  • Bob Scott & Doron Kipen for aceing it in the Sound Department.

  • Frame, Set & Match for our picture post production.

  • Kim Lewis, Glenys Rowe & Wide Open Media  for masterminding the distribution and marketing of the film &  Bella Vendrimini and Nicole Forsyth for assisting in this process.

  • The Exhibitors for getting behind the film, fighting off those Hollywood heavies, protecting our screen time.

  • Again hearty thanks to all of you who came out of your homes and saw it on the big screen and then went on to give the DVD to your folks for Chrissy! Too amazing for words. That's been the best reward of all.


So, it's been a big year for the film in Australia. It's now set to continue travelling the world, finding its audience in other territories and in people's home's via T.V, DVD and digital download. The show must and will go on...



Bob, Sophie & Helen.