Dominion POST RevIEw


In absolute contrast to Africa Cats, Mrs Carey's Concert is a doco which is allowed to speak, and to sing, for itself.

Unnarrated, uninflected, and gorgeously raw, the film follows the charismatic and impassioned Sydney high school music mistress Mrs Carey through a year as she prepares her young charges for a performance at the Sydney Opera House. 

Dealing with recalcitrance, hormones and plenty of plain old  teenage angst, Carey battles herself, the school authorities, and some doubting parents, and still emerges triumphant. Just as she does every year. 

This is a rousing story, with plenty to say about our education system , human potential, the power of great music, and just how much one person, or a like minded group, can actually achieve if they rip into it.

With Brahms, Beethoven, Williams,  and Verdi well played on the soundtrack , and a cast of perfectly uninflected Aussie kids, Mrs Carey's Concert is pretty much the definition of an unlikely film , but it is also terrifically good and inspirational stuff.