Kristy Nguyen


Viola - Brahms sextet & Ravel quartet

Kristy was in her final year of school during the filming of "Mrs Carey's Concert". She's presently studying for a Bachelor of Business at UTS majoring in Human Resources and Events Management. Around her studies she's been working in retail and  has been tutoring in viola and coaching softball, netball and touch footy back at MLC.

Her Dad takes the credit for the iconic shot of Mrs Carey conducting used in all the films posters and promotions

Kristy's thoughts on being part of the film:

The film was absolutely amazing! I saw it 3 times within 2 months and could still watch it over and over. Huge congratulations to Bob, Sophie and the team for producing such an inspirational, exciting and entertaining documentary.

At first, being filmed at every rehearsal was very overwhelming. Cameras in our faces all the time, and I wasn't sure how to act because I didnt want to embarrass myself. But as the months moved on, I got really comfortable and used to Bob and Sophie being there, that everything I did just became natural. Even after all the footage was filmed, it was weird not seeing Bob and Sophie wondering around MLC or the music department, and yes i had missed them.

I was looking forward to the day the film was released, anxiously waiting to see myself on the big screen and how I was a year before. I loved being a part of the film, it was such a great experience to my final school year. Being the music captain I already had a big role in music at MLC that year, and this film really connected to me as I felt i was representing music at MLC to the Nation!

I feel proud being an MLC music student because what we do, and the steps taken to produce an Opera House concert is truly outstanding. To be able to see the hard work of all the music staff and students on screen and for everyone to see, makes me feel privileged to be part of such an amazing school and production.

A million hugs and thanks to Bob and Sophie!

Kristy Nguyen