Louise Keller


Head of Strings, MLC School, Sydney

Louise studied violin and piano at the Sydney Conservatorium, and after graduating, taught at several schools before her appointment as Director of Strings at MLC in 2002. She's also a  freelance accompanist, playing for numerous eisteddfods, recitals and concerts. Louise has conducted various orchestras in Sydney, including the Sydney Youth Orchestra, Kuringai Philharmonic Orchestra and other community ensembles. She's currently President of the Kuringai Philharmonic.

Lousies thoughts on being part of the film:

The screening of the film has not changed my life overtly as such. We are still busy at school rehearsing and performing with the next group of incredibly talented youngsters!

However since "Mrs Carey's Concert" was broadcast on the ABC there have been some people who have approached me on the street, at concerts and the theatre etc to say how much they enjoyed the film. It would appear that the film inspires people to speak about their own education as well as how important music is in their lives. These people also want to know about Emily and Iris and what they are doing now.

For me, the main consequence of the screening of "Mrs Carey's Concert" is that I have been contacted by ex-students as well as school friends whom I haven't seen in years. They have seen the film, enjoyed it and managed to re-connect with me.