REviews New zealand


Dominion Post - N.Z

“Unnarrated, uninflected, and gorgeously raw… a rousing story…

...with plenty to say about our human potential”

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The Marlbourgh Express

“Documentary of the year”

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Herald on Sunday, N.Z

“Never strays far from sheer wonder. The filmmakers are as much in awe of the girls' talents

as they are of the teachers, allowing both to blossom before the camera”

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New Zealand Listener

“Concerto for violin, orchestra and virtuoso filmmakers: it’s ravishing”

By David Larsen


Voxy - N.Z

“a little gem”

By Michael McLachlan



“a sublime musical experience… truly magical”


“A compelling and satisfying cinema experience. Not to be missed”

by Sam Edwards


Timaru Herald

“ It has been said that music is the art which is closest to the soul,

and that is brought to light in Mrs Carey's Concert...

...This is real life just as it is, and it is beautiful"

By Joanne Bennett


Film Guide N.Z

“That’s the beauty of this film, it doesn’t have a hero that you love and want to win.

It has real people, who you identify with, and laugh at and get frustrated with

and get you thinking about your own life, your own attitudes and your own passion”

By Nerice


Amacritic- N.Z  Jul 2011

“a shining gem of art and beauty”


New Zealand Herald Feb 2011

".. a perfectly modulated film, both dramatic and funny, about preparations for a school concert. Improbable material; extraordinary result."

by Peter Calder