Richard Tognetti, Australian Chamber Orchestra

“This isn't just a film about the lofty ambitions of an elite private girls' school. It's about shifting demographics; 'cool' versus brave, the meaning within music through the eyes of teenagers, and most profoundly it's about the power of 'classical' music to move people way outside of their comfort zone. Mrs Carey is the real rebel. What she does with those kids is  mind-blowing.”



"An exceptionally revealing film about the transformative power of music... I loved it"

GENEVIEVE LACEY - Recorder Player

I hope you're incredibly proud of yourselves. It's beautiful, so rich and human, such a glorious, hopeful picture of humanity. You portrayed those remarkable people with depth and love, and they shone with all the grace and integrity that is theirs. I was so moved.

I'm terribly proud to know you, and to have caught a tiny glimpse of all you poured into that. I hope that you are surviving its being in the world OK, that people are responding with heart and warmth, that the pr tour isn't too exhausting or bewildering, and that sometime soon you'll have the chance to run away quietly on a boat, just the two of you, and recollect.

Please know that you've created something remarkable, which will have resonances for so many of us.


Peter Wintonick

"The best film in Adelaide. No B******t!!" 

Responses from the Cast and Crew Screening and preview:

JOHN DAVIS - CEO, Australian Centre for Music (email)

(present at Cast & Crew screening)

I drove home from the screening with my mind buzzing from so much of what is depicted in the film, and it still resonates deeply. Michelle Leonard speaking about the responsibility of privilege; Emily’s journey, now still unfolding; the looks on so many of the girls' faces - fear, tedium, concentration, determination, joy, excitement, commitment, and transcendence; the amazing commitment of the outstanding staff, and so many other things the film presents. And of course Karen Carey, driven in such a wonderful way.

For this all to be captured, and realised in such a way is truly astounding. The film makers have very special eyes, ears, and hearts to explore the many nuances of the story as they have done. And what a message the film sends about the power of music! I was weeping with joy at various stages through the film.


LYNDEN BARBER- film reveiwer (tweet)

(present at Cast & Crew screening)

Bob Connolly + partner Sophie Raymond's new doco, MRS CAREY'S CONCERT, is a triumph. Rivetting, as superbly observed as ever


ROGER GRAEF - Films of Record, UK
& SUSAN RICHARDS-  Author (email)

(privvy to a sneak peek screener)

A lovely moving film.. The music is the star: Emily opens like a flower under its influence. And Iris is the perfect foil.

A splendid achievement. Bravo